We assist those in the top 1% to turn crisis into opportunity, to evolve into whom they're meant to be and to increase their impact.


You’re doing better than most, but you're feeling like you've hit a plateau. You feel you've got more to share, and you know you need help to get to the next stage of your evolution. 

You've had success and a life most would envy.
To the outside, it looks like you are managing the situation pretty well and don't have immediate worries

BUT... secretly you feel...


Are you unable to stop nagging negative thinking/self talk?

Are you harsh on yourself?

Are you seeking to find a sense of calm, a peaceful state of mind and be able to enjoy life? Do you want to feel guided and in the flow?


Are you finding it hard to move on from the past? 

Are past events and stories still weighing you down? 

Do you often get the feeling you are re-experiencing trauma again? 

Re experiencing fear and pain?

Do you want to instead let go of and transmute what has weighed you down all these years to use it as a fuel and inspiration to live a life in the joy of the present moment?

Do you feel that there is no-one who ‘gets it’ to share with? 

Does it feel like you are increasingly isolated and outgrowing your previous life? 

Have you lost someone in your life and feel overwhelmed by the sadness and struggling to move on?

Do you feel something pulling you towards discovering new aspects of yourself? 

Do you long to feel more connected to yourself? 

Are you ready to release and let go of this state and embrace a new love for life?


Are you struggling with cycles/patterns of self-sabotage? 

Do you feel like you are constantly pushing ‘yourself up a hill’? 

Would you like to remove any blockages, all those habits, and reflexes that keep you playing small and out of your optimal life path and career? 

Would you love to feel in control of your life, to experience synchronicity and flow?

Drama & Crisis

Are you struggling with relationship dramas (professionally and/or personally)? Are you going through a crisis or find that you are often in crisis situations? Are you unable to find the partner you are yearning for?

Are you ready for a drama-free life? Are you seeking a resolution to crisis situations? Would you like to have a peaceful, deep, meaningful relationship(s) that make you feel alive? Would saving your marriage or parting on best terms be appealing? Would you like to clear the obstacles to a deep and meaningful relationship?

Lacking Purpose

Do you find yourself going through the motions? Falling into a routine that gives you little if any inspiration? Are you feeling a lack of creativity and joy in life?

Do you want to create a new you who is driven by purpose and joy? 

Are you yearning to feel alive, creative and ‘in the flow’ of life? 

Do you want to discover and share your unique gifts with others? 

Are you seeking to align with a higher state of money / financial consciousness? 

Feeling Empty

Have you lost your zest for life? Does it feel like you are living a meaningless life? Does it feel like you have hit a plateau and you are stagnating? Do you wake up feeling like there is something missing but you have no idea what it is or where to look for it?

Would you like to have total clarity, vitality and a sense of vibrance? 

Would you like to connect to your deeper truth and live life with this as your guiding star?


Does it feel like you are carrying a massive burden? Do you feel like your company, family and others are relying on you to ‘keep at it’ despite the fact that you are starting to feel the strain and overwhelm ? Do you feel your business, family and life will fall apart if you do not continue? Do you feel like you have made it ‘on paper’ yet do not feel the results you thought you would have?

Would you like to show up with a sense of peace and feel empowered and motivated and at the same time honor your own self and personal needs? 
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 Our clients look like they 'have it all' to the outside world but are feeling stuck and unable to get out of negative headspace (or using constant distraction, over-consuming, etc to avoid it...).


Working with us they find happiness, inner peace and a sense of purpose. 

We only invite committed people who seek lasting results and are open to having their beliefs challenged.

"Your level of success will seldom succeed your level of personal development"

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