The Soul Doctors

Vibrational Alignment

The ‘Secret Sauce’ That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level


We assist entrepreneurs and their businesses by:

  1. Bringing them and their businesses into vibrational alignment

  2. Raising the vibration of both

  3. Aligning their products/services with the vibration of their clients



Q: I don’t know, are you sure this isn’t too ‘out there’ for me? 


A: Well, have you ever met somebody and thought to yourself, ‘I like their vibe’? Have you ever seen a brand and thought, ‘Yep, that’s me’?  Have you ever heard a song that just clicked with you, that expressed how you were feeling in a way that words couldn’t? If so, then you already understand intuitively the concept of vibrations, and what it could mean to bring them into alignment. 


Q: Ok, so, what is a vibration? 


A: So, vibration is a subtle but physical manifestation of energy. Energy can be understood in a number of ways. When we express our emotions, the energy that we emit carries a vibrational frequency, which can influence those around us. Emotions like anger and fear have a low frequency, and therefore often ‘bring the people around us down’. Emotions like gratitude and loving-kindness have a high frequency, and often uplift those around us. Abstract entities like our relationships and our business affairs are infused with the energy that went into their constitution and these are continuously transformed by the energy we hold when we think of, and work on, them. This is to say that ‘good energy’ is constructive over time, and ‘bad energy’ is corrosive. If we dislike someone, it will come out in the words we choose, the way we say things, our facial expressions, and countless other ways. Other people pick up on these things even if they don’t realize it, and over time the relationship disintegrates. A salesperson who constantly doubts themselves or feels desperate for a sale is often taken advantage of or not taken seriously, but a salesperson with the easy confidence that they have something that customers need naturally attracts customers and finds success. If you zoom out, quantum theory suggests that all matter, on an atomic level, is composed of energy vibrating in waves. Vibrations are behind everything, and if you understand how to influence that energy, you begin to become the master of your universe. 


Q: And what would it mean to bring me and my business into vibrational alignment? 


A: That means making sure that your energy is in line with the energy of your business. You may have a great business plan, a great organization, and a world-changing vision, but if you are plagued by self-doubt, limiting self-beliefs, trauma, anger, jealousy, or contempt towards others, then you will constantly be holding your business back. Likewise, you may be an enlightened soul who is well-adjusted and productive, but if your products/services, marketing, business operations, or vision are at a lower standard or a lower scale, then there’s a limit to how much you’re going to be able to achieve. Vibrational alignment is about bringing the individual and the organization into harmony, so that the same energy, the same level of grace and ambition, are firing away in both aspects of your life, and success comes naturally. 


Q: And what does it mean to raise the vibration of me and my business? 


A: To raise your vibration means to evolve, to remove the sources of negative energy, and to ultimately re-center at a higher level of consciousness. For you, this can mean overcoming anger, fear, self-doubt, pride, guilt, etc.; allowing yourself to be motivated instead by goodwill, resilient peace and self-confidence, and joy; feeling like you are ‘in flow’; letting success come to you. For your organization this can mean developing and marketing products and services that resonate with more people and appeal to the best instincts in them; it can mean creating an organization that hums, that has a creative and supportive work culture full of happy people, that scales sustainably, and that truly makes the world a better place. 

Q: And how do I align my products/services to the vibration of my customers? 


A: Here, alignment is about refining your business, brand, products/services, everything, so that it clicks with your customers on all levels. It’s about striking a chord with customers in the same way that a hit song, a viral video, or a legendary brand does. This requires understanding your customers on a deep level, being creative, and tweaking your business to resonate with them. If you have a novel product, then you may need to do some work to bring your customers along, to inform them, to get them from where they are to where you know they’ll love to be. In a sense, that’s what we’re doing with this Q&A. We believe we have a novel service, one that can take you and your business to places you never thought possible. And who knows, reading this could be the bridge you needed to be ready to totally transform your life, your business, and this world for the better.


“We change the world not by what we say or do,

but as a consequence of what we have become.” ~ Dr. David Hawkins